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  • Plant Named "Violet"

    Soil Booster has been a life saver for us! I have a Solenostemon and I call her Violet. Her top half got ripped off, and she was not repairing well. I almost passed her off when I was introduced to this magic medicine. I really believe these worm castings save her. All my plants will be getting a spring and fall dose for now on! - Shawna S.

    Soil Booster 
  • All Grown Up!

    My Rex Begonia plant start was just surviving and not growing nor send out any shoots of growth. After applying the worm castings, I watch a total explosion of growth! My little plant start is now a large thriving houseplant and I am so thrilled! - Kathy E.

    Tea Mix Plant Food 
  • Office Plant

    My office spider plant was pale and in serious need of nutrients.  Within 48 hours of applying a single use soil booster, my plant was showing noticeable color improvement. I'm hooked on this natural and simple to use solution to feed natural fertilizer.   Thank you for introducing me to your
    amazing environmentally safe product. -Rick S.

    Soil Booster 
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