Our Story

Our family farm is nestled in the lower, west-side of Michigan. We are on a journey of homesteading and discovery – utilizing natural products that promote our desire for a healthy lifestyle.

The dream to begin a worm farm was born with the arrival of our youngest family member, in 2018. Our goal was simple – choose a pathway that adds value to our life and the lives of people around us. Thus, Straight Path Farms, LLC was established in 2021.

There is a sense of accomplishment when we fill up our packages with pure, earthworm castings. This natural soil amendment is used for gardening, house plants, and fruit trees and bushes. We realize there’s a time and place for commercial fertilizers…but we are grateful that on our farm, worm castings enrich our soil and eliminate many outside chemicals.  

With the use of worm castings and other natural products, we garden, raise our own meat, and live in the richness of the outdoors. There are so many things to learn, and we love sharing our discoveries. 

As time passes, we begin to understand the importance of community and the wisdom of individuals around us. Some of their natural products are finding their way into our home and now on our website.

We love to learn and explore. Thank you for joining us and adding new dimensions to our journey!