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All-Natural Fruit & Vegetable Gardening with Worm Castings

All-Natural Fruit & Vegetable Gardening with Worm Castings

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  • Worm Castings provide a low dose of natural fertilizer for long term plant health. 
  • Apply topically around the base of each plant or entire garden area. 
  • Recommended use for patio gardens, raised beds, or 5’ x 5’ garden plots.  
  • Plant Food and Soil Booster - 0.98-0.21-0.39 – NET WT. 10.0 lb. 

About this item
Worm castings are a natural fertilizer; a slow and steady way to boost your soil and provide nutrients to plants. Plants should be fed throughout the growing season but especially when entering the production stage prior to bearing fruit/vegetable. Use as needed or every two months. Straight Path Farm’s worm castings are a product of digested worm feed and will not burn plants. 

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