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Nature’s Natural Fertilizer - Worm Castings

Nature’s Natural Fertilizer - Worm Castings

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  • A natural and safe way to boost soil. 
  • Apply topically, around the base of each plant or entire growing area. 
  • Suggest using a handheld spreader, mini broadcast spreader, or by hand.  
  • Covers 5’ x 5’ crop area or a 5’ x 5’ hunter’s food plot. 
  • Plant Food and Soil Booster - 0.98-0.21-0.39 – NET WT. 10.0 lb. 

About this item
Straight Path Farm’s worm castings are a product of digested worm feed and will not harm the environment or pets & wildlife. Worm castings have an earthy, soil smell with minimal odor. In addition to boosting soil, worm castings assist in retaining moisture and increase nutrient utilization and retention. 

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